When you ask people what web design is, you might get mixed answers. On one end, they might refer to web design as something that involves the overall aesthetics of a website. On another end, they might refer to it as something that presents an easier way for people to do what they want on a website like buying a particular product or interacting with other like-minded individuals or something to that extent.

Although those answers aren’t wrong, it just comes to show that web design is indeed a tricky subject.

Anyway, there are a lot of web designers that make huge blunders when creating a website. If you happen to be one, here are some web design deadly sins that you might be making based on the web design agency (which you should definitely not do after reading this article):

  1. Content is not Legible

In the past, you could get away with content using the 12px font size. In fact, 12px was the standard at that time. But, as displays get bigger and bigger and resolution is also increasing as well, 12px definitely looks smaller on bigger screens.

Therefore, it is best that you start adopting a new standard. So, instead of using size 12, you should up it to size 16, at least, for now.

As the resolutions and screens get higher, so, too, should your font size be. If you’re still using 12px as your font size, it is definitely now time to change it.

  1. No Contrasting Fonts

In the previous point, I was talking about not using a big enough font size for your content to be more legible. This one also adds to that. There are some website designers who only think about the color scheme and not about the actual readability of their page’s content.

If you do not use contrasting fonts (i.e. lighter fonts on a light background), then it is much harder for your viewers to read what you have written.

This can easily be fixed if you just use a much higher contrast. So instead of using light fonts for a light background, using dark fonts on a light background should do the trick.

  1. Using Long Lines and Paragraphs

People do not want to read long lines of texts. In addition, they also do not want to read texts in a linear fashion where they have to slide left to right just to read everything.

If you’re guilty of this, then you can easily rectify your mistake by just limiting the word count to just about 60 words per line. You could stretch it to 75, but just to be safe, stay with the lower limit.

  1. Not Making Your Call-to-Action Buttons Punchy

If you want to sell something, it is in your best interest to include a call-to-action button. However, most web designers just use any color they can think of without ever thinking about the overall visual impact.

This is a mistake because if you do that, your call to action will not become prominent; hence, it will just blend in with your other content as well.

So, to fix this, make your call-to-action buttons more punchy by using colors that contrast the overall color scheme that you use. Also, using more vibrant colors help a lot.

  1. Going Out of the ‘Norm’

Whenever you visit a website, where you usually find the company logo? On the upper left, right? How about the area where you sign in? It is usually placed on the right. This has been the standard for so long that people got accustomed to it.

Fighting this norm is just to your detriment. Going out of the norm will not bode for you in the end. Just follow the normal conventions and you will not have any problems. If it is not broken, why fix it, right?