6 Creative Design Techniques That Will Improve Website Conversion Rate

Optimize your website for speed.

It’s no secret that websites users are more impatient than ever when it comes to browsing websites. If you are looking for a web design company that can help you improve your website’s speed, then look at their track record well. This is one of the most crucial factors that impacts a website’s success, so you need to have the utmost assistance.

Include an achievement counter.

By including a catchy achievement counter on your website, you can market yourself more to huge potential clients. This alone can help you establish credibility, as well as the trust of your audience.

Use negative spaces.

The use of negative space is crucial in each web design. It provides some “breathing room” in your interface. Failure to do so can result to an interface full of clutter. Don’t overwhelm and frustrate users with unnecessary elements. Keep your web pages clean and organized.

Use an F-layout.

Professionals just discovered recently that people tend to browse the entire website screen in an F-shaped pattern. This means that their attention span is focused at the topmost area of the web page. Leverage on this by including catchy CTA buttons along the F-shaped frame.

Make use of an engaging video Landing Page.

Are you familiar with landing pages? These are standalone web pages which are specifically designed to promote certain products and services efficiently. Now, more and more business owners are using infographics and text in their landing pages to engage more visitors. Make use of this. It will help you communicate your brand’s story.

Keep everything simple.

Simplicity is an important component in generating more website conversions. By incorporating a minimalist, straightforward and simple design, you can help more users understand your web content. There will be less distractions and unnecessary elements.