Do you want to improve the user experience of your current website? What about a complete website redesign? Whatever your plans are, you will find yourself working with a UX consultant to achieve your goals. Through UX research, you can come up with data-driven choices when it comes to marketing and website campaigns.

Before finalizing your deal with an agency or freelance designer, make sure to ask important questions that can ensure a fantastic user experience.



  • “How can you improve my website’s user experience?”


There are appropriate web design practices for every kind of user. A reliable UX consultant should be able to implement all of these improvements to increase conversion and user satisfaction. He or she can also help determine which UX trends you can apply.


  1. “How can we know if everything is working well for my users?”

After implementing the first user research, and delivering a recommendation, your UX designer would most likely recommend some usability testing routine. This can be done by making a wireframe or prototype of the approved web design.

After the testing, you will know if your target audience is easily navigating the website. If they can’t convert and complete the tasks, then something is obviously wrong.



  • “How can UX companies measure success?”


UX agencies sets up certain benchmarks to measure the performances of their efforts. Several consultants use specific data-driven approaches to measure all website improvements. They utilize metrics, like bounce rates, conversion rates, pages per session in order to measure user experiences. Take note that ongoing measurement is the only way to know if UX recommendations are really effective to users.



  • “How are audiences interacting with your website?


Customer research is part of every UX consultant’s job. This is a crucial step for them to understand their target audience. Of course, you can’t improve user experience without knowing first the group of people you are designing for. UX consulting involves user interviews, surveys and analytics tools. Nowadays responsive web design is paramount for audience’s convenience.



  • “What deliverables should I expect from a UX company? What should we do with the user data?”


A reliable UX agency and consultant would ask plenty of questions before starting. They would want to know your end goal, and what you want to gain from all the analysis and research methods.

Feel free to tell them all your thoughts and expectations. The scope of the project can be long discussion, but you will soon benefit from this.



  • “What relevant consulting jobs should I look for in a UX agency?”


Make sure that the UX agency you will choose has relevant backgrounds to your UX issues.



  • “How can a UX agency help in improving your online presence?”


Even if you are working as a marketing staff member, at some point, you’ve already dealt with user experience. UX overlaps clearly overlaps with other digital marketing techniques, like SEO Once you address your SEO and content issues, then you’re also addressing user experience.