Are you a new mom who is nervous, and at the same time excited about taking care of your new baby? Parenthood is fulfilling challenge you should be ready to take on. You may see yourself today shopping for baby bibs and baby carriers in Malaysia, then tomorrow, you end up having some breastfeeding issues. It’s all part of the parenting adventure.

Educate yourself about your newborn in order to make things easier for you. One of the baby care aspects you should focus on is fever in babies. This is common concern for many caregivers, though not dangerous most of the time.

The Common Causes of Fever in Babies

A fever is considered as a symptom of a sickness, not the illness itself. Children experience this when their immune systems are fighting off infections.

The Common Causes of Fevers Among Babies:

It’s also possible for your baby to develop fever following skin injuries. This means that an infection is present. In some rare cases, heat-related illnesses cause high temperatures to newborns. Babies are still not very good at controlling their own body temperatures, so obviously, they are more vulnerable to hot weather. Dressing them in weather-appropriate clothing would help regulate body temperature.

How to Care for Babies With Fever

  • Under your physician’s supervision, you can give your baby anti-fever medication, in case he is in pain, or uncomfortable from the fever. The weight of the baby would determine the dose, so make sure to follow the instructions thoroughly.
  • Never take a sick baby to the daycare center, or any public place. This will spread the infection.
  • Track your baby’s activity level, as well as overall comfort. Those who appear comfortable, alert and happy would not need any kind of treatment.
  • See to it that your kid remains hydrated. Fever can increase the risk of dehydration. If needed, the pediatrician may recommended electrolyte drinks.
  • Check if your baby has signs of dehydration. This can include not peeing as often as usual, chapped lips, sunken eyes and dry skin.