Are you thinking of buying a new baby carrier in Malaysia for your little one? Buying a reliable carrier is a good for emergencies, but you may want to consider swaddling your child, instead of always putting her in a carrier. 

Swaddling is an old technique for wrapping infants in a thin cloth or blanket. It helps babies sleep more soundly, and stay calm. 

  1. Swaddling helps your child feel secure and safe as she adjusts to her new life outside the womb. 
  2. Swaddling helps prevent the child from flailing her legs and arms. 
  • Swaddling can keep your little one warm and cozy.  
  • Swaddling helps a baby sleep better.

Swaddling safety tips

  • Keep the child cool. 

Do you know that swaddling may cause overheating? This can increase the risk of SIDS, and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Make sure that the room has a comfortable temperature. Flushed cheeks, damp hair, sweating and rapid breathing are signs that the child is too hot. 

  • Know when to stop swaddling at the most appropriate time.

Once your child starts to role, and starts to become more active, it’s time to say goodbye to a swaddle blanket. 

  • Swaddle safely.

Safe swaddling can encourage your little one to sleep more soundly, giving you peace of mind.