1. Payout Method

Imagine a circumstance where you are advancing an item and you earned over one thousand dollars; however, you can’t get paid because there’s no acceptable payout method for your nation. This is the same old thing and has happened to numerous other affiliates before.

Ensure to check the payout methods supported by the affiliate network or program. On the off chance that you don’t see any payout method that works for your nation, you should converse with affiliate manager or use the program contact structure and see in the event that they can accomplish something for you.

2. Least Payout

This is one of the most widely recognized reasons why beginner affiliate marketers give up.

Unlike customary advertisement networks, most affiliate programs pay you when you reach a base payout threshold of $50. There are exceptions, yet more or less, it’s $50 for most affiliate products networks.

In case you’re under that threshold, you can’t get paid. On the off chance that a marketer has been trying sincerely yet was unable to reach that threshold, they feel like they’ve been cheated as they won’t get paid for the advancements they’ve done.
The thing is, it’s the marketer’s shortcoming because they never checked the base payout for the affiliate program they signed up for.

Continuously check for the payout threshold.

3. Reputation of Product/Network

In the event that you get some information about their contemplations on affiliate marketing, you will get a great deal of mixed reactions. The reason for what reason is because some of them have made millions while others have been cheated.

Well, it’s our mistake on the off chance that we don’t check out the reputation of affiliate network/program before joining.

Most new independent affiliate programs offer huge commissions, yet by the day’s end, they don’t end up paying you. Since these companies/people have nothing to lose, they don’t really mind a few awful reviews.

In the event that you need to play things safe, it’s better to join an affiliate program of a reputed organization or by means of a reputed affiliate marketplace.

4. Cookie Length

One of the reasons I enjoy affiliate marketing so much is because of the freedom it offers. I simply have to send some traffic and let the companies do the “sales” work. Yet, sometimes, “sales” take a few days.

I should simply drive traffic to a website and if a user makes a purchase several days later, I despite everything get a commission.

How cool is that?!

Well, this is possible because of a long cookie length. Be that as it may, all affiliates are different.

Standard practice is anywhere between 30-90 days after a user taps on an affiliate connect. What’s cool about a large portion of these projects is that you will likewise get a commission if a user purchases another item (other than the one you recommend) from the organization’s website.

However, a few affiliate programs take advantage of the innocence of newbie affiliate marketers. They don’t offer:

  • Standard cookie length (30-60 days).
  • Commission on sale of other items.

Ensure you check for these two significant things before joining. As I said above, most reputable networks incorporate this standard affiliate practice and you will have no problem.

Things to Look for In Affiliate Programs

Well, there are a lot more things an affiliate marketer should check out before joining any new affiliate program. However, the above 4 listed focuses will ensure you don’t get scammed from your affiliate organization and make sure you get paid AND you get paid on time.

What other stuff do you ordinarily check for when joining an affiliate program or marketplace? Have you ever gotten scammed or conned by an affiliate organization? Which one? Let us know in the comments.

This will help other affiliate marketers not get fooled in the future.