The best website hosting companies in Malaysia provide several choices, featuring shared cloud servers and physical servers. But, will newbies understand the differences in all of these plans? The 3 primary shared hosting plans are WordPress shared, shared cloud and traditional shared. All of them have “shared” in their names, but each one of them is unique.

1.Shared Hosting

“Shared” will always be the foundation of any shared web hosting plan. When we say shared, this means that a single server will store data from many websites. This is a popular kind of hosting plan because it is cost-efficient and simple–perfect for beginners.

2.Traditional Shared

Several web hosts provide 2 kinds of shared hosting. Shared hosting is the most popular, as well as the most basic. Since there multiple websites on a single server, the bandwidth and storage space is typically limited. At times, your website may slow down.

The next kind of traditional shared hosting is virtual private server, or VPS. This is basically the same as basic shared, though some limits are placed on how much websites are allowed to be on a specific server.

Both choices are cost-efficient and popular.

3.Shared WordPress

Typically, web hosting plans are created to accommodate a vast range of website platforms. Though, shared WordPress plans are tailored specifically for WordPress websites. One of the benefits of selecting this kind of shared plan is that the team who will be handling your website data is skilled and trained in WordPress.

4.Shared Cloud

The cloud is more than just a place to store images. Making the most out of this would allow your web pages to share server space along with other websites, but with more than a single server. What happens is that, your own website is attached to vast network of servers, allowing data to be transferred from one another freely.